How are nurse call systems beneficial?

In many cases, these call systems are required for your facility because of the many benefits they offer. These systems can help improve patient safety and satisfaction.

Patient Safety

If a patient were to fall, how long would it take to discover during a normal rounds schedule? If a patient suddenly gets worse, how long until a nurse would come to check on them? Call systems allow patients to communicate when they need assistance for situations exactly like these. Without an easy and accessible way to communicate with nursing staff, patients may be left in unsafe situations. With call systems, patients can get the care they need more quickly.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction scores are another area where effective nurse call systems can help your facility improve. As you well know, patient satisfaction scores can impact your facility in several ways. One of those ways is the amount of funding your organization receives from CMS.

Patient dissatisfaction can stem from many different things. However, wait times and poor communications are near the top of the list. Call systems can help solve these issues for some patients. First, with a call system, nurses know when a patient needs help, which can help reduce how long the patient waits for assistance. Also, call systems with two-way communication for patients and nurses can help keep patients informed. While call systems aren’t the end-all-be-all of patient satisfaction, a well-designed system can certainly go a long way in helping improve your scores.

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