Why need wireless waiter call system in restaurant?


It is quite simple to use, higher efficiency, improved customer service and increased revenue. Better service means higher profits. A happy customer is a potential returning customer.

In restaurant industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it play an important role to make business profitable. Wireless waiter calling system to improve the quality and speed of service which means waiters spend less time running around and more time attending to customers.

The goal of this products is to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses. With the help of wireless waiter call system you are making comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your restaurant or cafe for customers.

SEWA waiter call system is developed to innovate the way the hospitality industry. SEWACall™ wireless waiter call system are well developed as per latest technology trends that ensure to benefit the client business and their customers as well. Increased service quality & customer satisfaction will ensure maximized revenue to our clients.

SEWACall™ wireless waiter call system work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70–100mts in open area and are 100% plug and play, battery operated systems.

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SEWACall - by Jpnovations Solutions

SEWACall™ is wireless call system brand from Jpnovations Solutions, manufacturer of wireless waiter call, nurse call, office call bell and guest paging systems.