Wireless Call System For Kitchens

Food gets cooked up fresh by the Chef, but till it reaches the guest , it dont remain the best. Lot of time food remains waiting for the pickup by the stewards. SEWACall™ wireless call system for kitchens makes sure that food gets picked up as soon as it is ready and your guest gets served with fresh and hot.
After food gets prepared ,the CHEF enters the table number from the keypad ,and the steward gets notified on the wrist monitor or the led display to pick up the food.

Advantages of wireless call system for kitchens

  • Fast food pick up.
  • Serve your guests with hot and fresh food.
  • Reduction in waiting time for customers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hassle free Wireless installation.
  • Low maintenance cost system.
  • Technology oriented and user friendly.


SEWACall™ wireless call system for kitchens are well developed as per latest technology trends that ensure to benefit the client business and their customers as well.
Increased service quality & customer satisfaction will ensure maximized revenue to our clients.

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SEWACall - by Jpnovations Solutions

SEWACall™ is wireless call system brand from Jpnovations Solutions, manufacturer of wireless waiter call, nurse call, office call bell and guest paging systems.