Wireless Panic Alarm Systems

Wireless panic alarm system is a full proof method to alert in case of any emergency situations. The alarm system consists of SEWACall™ panic buttons and sirens. These panic button located at various strategic locations in premises or in mobile with various staff on duty.

While there is an event of an emergency, a person can create an alert by a single click of a button and the 110dB siren is loud enough to alert other people on duty.

SEWACall™ panic alarm systems

Advantages of wireless panic alarm system

  • Handle panic situations.
  • Avoid accidents.
  • Discrete communication.
  • Wireless installation.
  • Modular & flexible systems.
  • Low maintenance cost system.
  • Technology oriented and user friendly.

How wireless panic alarm system works?

SEWACall™ wireless panic alarm system work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70–100mts in open area and are 100% plug & play, battery operated systems.

  • Wireless SEWACall™ buttons can be used at different places in different applications.
  • 2 key call button can be used in banks, gyms ,security etc. Pull cords buttons can be used in washrooms.
  • The panic alarm is installed at designated place, when someone trigger the alarm, the 110dB alarm is loud enough to alert the emergency situation. The light blinks in either red, green, blue color.
  • Signal boosters are optional , which are used in case of increase the transmission distance if needed in any case.

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SEWACall - by Jpnovations Solutions

SEWACall™ is wireless call system brand from Jpnovations Solutions, manufacturer of wireless waiter call, nurse call, office call bell and guest paging systems.