SEWA wireless waiter call system is developed to innovate the way the hospitality industry interact with their guests. We have created, and continue to improve, a solution with true benefit and no downsides or compromises on existing infrastructure, management or staff procedure — a unique accomplishment on its own. We strongly believe that “if you don’t keep evolving and meet guest expectation” you will see a business move elsewhere. With the solutions we offer, we bring you closer to your guests, improve their experience, and they in return will thank you by spending more. Happier guests and more money at…

There was time when our team used to be wrap up wires, lan cables and so much more to install the conventional wired nurse call systems. The story does not ends here, when it came to maintenance of the systems it was much more headache for the team.

One good day, when our team head thought to get free from these wires, than came up the bright idea of the Wireless nurse call system. Its all started in 2016 and it’s on till the day. The SEWACall™ systems are reliable , wireless and 100% plug&play systems.

How SEWACall™ wireless nurse call system works?

Working of wireless nurse call system

SEWACall™ wireless nurse call system work on wireless RF technology with a transmission range of 70–100mts in open area and are 100% plug & play, battery operated systems.

  • The bed side units(with…

SEWACall - by Jpnovations Solutions

SEWACall™ is wireless call system brand from Jpnovations Solutions, manufacturer of wireless waiter call, nurse call, office call bell and guest paging systems.

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